After a competitor lost the account, you have been appointed to create a postcard. You want to shine so that you can win a long term deal with your potential client. But also you are not sure what you need to do to impress them. You don’t want to appear across as a very dumped person, and you also don’t want to offend your customers by pushing too far, too fast. Here are five postcard printing and designing tips that leave a lasting impression if you are not hired to rework brand image but instead to make print marketing more effective.

Postcard designing tips you might need

Eye-catching images

You shouldn’t be satisfied by a simple image of something that seems relevant. Instead, select the kind of pictures that can be able to turn heads in just a single glance. Your audience should relate to the message you try to portray in your postcard. Add colors and shades to highlight essential visual components that reinforce your postcard’s content and get the appropriate response from recipients.

Try to keep your resources image brief and straightforward

Your postcard copy should be concise and to the point. Usually, a single or two lines suffice. You may present a clear statement by combining design and text. To make your word stand out as imagery in it’s own right, experiment with different typefaces, colors, patterns, and other filters and modifications. Most postcards benefit from huge attention-getting titles, a brief line of offer language, and a forceful, well-defined call to action.

Make use of white space

Consider it your best friend because your postcard will appear messed up and the message you want to convey will be muddled without it. Eventually, you will not even get a second glance, so read it and act on it when you have time. When you use whitespace to allow your other postcard parts to breathe, they will stand out as visually appealing artwork that deserved to be noticed. People enjoy looking at beautiful things, so a well-designed postcard with quality postcard printing is what you need to elicit a response.

It should be over-sized

Postcards that are oversized and printed at 6-inch by 11-inch are practically difficult to overlook. Thus, purchasing one is justified. It is critical once again that your postcard design be able to capture attention before doing anything else. This should be enough.

Quality printing

Postcard printing is a kind of decision that should be left on the designer completely. You should have the right to say a word in the process. Honestly, it would be wise for you to know about the kind of paper your postcard is going to print on and what finish will be used before you start designing. So that you can fine-tune your color choices. However, the finished postcard quality can have a direct impact on the impression recipients have of the products and services advertised. For optimum results, print your postcards using 16-points gloss or 13-points recycled matte paper stock.

Some of the reasons to add a postcard for marketing

Best to build brand realization

For a long time internet is helping brands to connect with their customers very easily. And that is the reason, why most brands interconnect online. But the interesting thing is people enjoy collecting the mails they can hold on to in this modern age. Because of the physical interaction with the postcards, it reinforces the strong emotional response. It also increases brand awareness and brand recall making the message more memorable.

These are really cost-effective

 The most affordable way to reach your customers is postcards among all the different types of direct mails. The printing, designing, and mailing are easier than you think. You can have postcards in different sizes and this makes it perfect for sending short and captivating messages. However, for the brands, postcards are for sending thankyou notes, highlighting offers, and building brand recognition by only a small amount.

Response rates are better

According to a recent study, direct mail continues to appeal to individuals of all ages specifically senior citizens. They acknowledge to direct mails and call to action faster than other generations. According to this study, they make a purchase from the brand within months after receiving an offer through mail.

Serve as a physical reminder of your brand

Postcard distribution is comparatively easy. They are lightweight but sturdy, making them excellent for mailing, passing out to friends, or combining with other print marketing material. They are also simple to preserve. Most individuals will save well-designed and colorful postcards. A personalized postcard can assist you to enhance brand awareness if you are trying to do so.


High response rates of direct mail can be advantageous and the use of high-quality postcard printing and design can get your business noticed.