Our eyes are one of the most sensitive areas in the body, and frequent use of eye makeup can damage them if we do not take proper caution. 

Eyelash conditioners & eyelash extension conditioners help to nourish the eyelash and remove the harmful effect of makeup. Avoiding it can lead to falling out of eyelashes with constant heat by curlers and other tools.

How Is It Different From Eyelash Serum?

Serums are used to grow lashes and make them thicker to improve their density; however, conditioners clean and nourish the existing lashes.

Eyelash serum consists of peptides and fatty acids that stimulate the growth of lashes; whereas, conditioners include oils, humectants, and moisturizers that provide nutrients to damaged lashes due to curler heat, hot showers, etc.


  • It cleans the lashes by removing dirt and other harmful chemicals
  • Stimulates the lashes growth
  • Makes lashes thicker and stronger 
  • Provide hydration to the eyes and gives relief to the eyes
  • Improves the texture of lashes
  • Protects the lashes from damage and falls out

Things to Keep In Mind While Using Eyelash Conditioner 


We should always check the ingredients that are used to make the conditioners. Eyelash conditioners include oils, moisturizers, glycerin, biotin, cellulose gum, plant extracts, and some chemicals. Ingredients like Castor oil and coconut oils work best for these conditioners, anyone can check their presence before using them. Apart from this, aloe vera works effectively good for the lashes. 

Use of Parabens

Parabens are a kind of synthetic chemical that act as preservatives in different beauty products. Some common parabens are isobutylparaben, methylparaben, butylparaben,  ethylparaben, propylparaben. It is responsible for some hormonal disruption and even causes cancer. So, it is better to use paraben-free conditioners for eyelashes to be safe from harmful effects. 


Just like every human has different skin tones and hair type, the same goes for the eyes, skin, and lashes. Too-sensitive lashes need extra caution and specific conditioners as they can cause irritation, itching, allergy, and other worse problems. It is better to understand the type of your eyelashes and use the conditioners accordingly. 

Presence of Humectants

Humectants are an agent that absorbs water either from the inner skin or the outer environment to provide hydration to the skin and hair. Different kinds of products include humectants in the form of hyaluronic acids, alpha hydroxy acids, aloe vera, glycerin, honey, urea, seaweed, sugar alcohols, peptides or amino acids, and panthenol. It is an absorber for oily skin-type products to remove excess oil or water from the skin. 

Organic or Inorganic

Organic eyelash conditioners are treated safely as these contain authentic ingredients like jojoba oil, sunflower oil, sandalwood oil, vitamin-A Retinyl acetate, amla oil, olive oil, almond oil, bhringraj, guildhall oil, and many others. Organic eyelash conditioners work better and are more suitable than inorganic ones as it minimizes the side effects due to the inclusion of natural items. 

Frequency of Usage 

Any skin care or hair product can cause problems if used constantly or frequently. It is advised to use it according to the hair needs and requirements. There is no one rule for using conditioners for eyelashes. It varies and depends on different factors, such as the sensitivity of skin and hair, the use of mascara, and makeup. 

Maintenance of Hygiene 

Try to pick up your separate conditioner brush and pieces of equipment to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Keep this equipment in a safe environment without exposure to dirt. The eyes area is too sensitive and easily prone to catch chemicals and specks of dirt. 

Allergy Consideration 

The use and effectiveness of products can be highly subjective; one product that works best for someone can be extremely harmful to the other if allergy problems are associated with the person’s eyes. There are statutory allergic warnings mentioned in the packaging of products. We should always try to cross-check it to avoid severe consequences. 

Quantity Matters

Conditioners are made with a combination of oils and chemicals. Too much quantity in use can cause damage rather than good results. Try to use the conditioner in a nominal amount, it still works.


There is no hard rule for applying eyelash conditioner during the day or night, it depends on preferences. For more effective results, one can use it at night time. This will also provide adequate rest time for the eyelashes. 

Remove Contact Lenses

It is not advisable to use an eyelash conditioner with contact lenses. We should always remove it beforehand and at least wait for 15 to 20 minutes after using the conditioners to put it back on the eyes for enough time.

Wrapping Up!

A variety of eyelash conditioners are available in the market including vegan and fragrance-free eyelash extension conditioners, eyelash enhancers, and organic conditioners. There will be less harm if we use it correctly and take safety measures. Makeup is part of lifestyle nowadays, and the demand for these conditioners will increase.

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