Riding motorcycles will be more adventurous and fun-loving when you customise your bike. From adding customised graphics to custom gears, there are many ways to make your bike unique. The funny decals with witty messages are the best thing to bring a smile to your followers’ faces. 

Decals are a great way to bring a smile to your follower’s faces and keep them amused. For example, professional motorcyclists rely on Sherco Graphics to convey important messages. Moreover, entrepreneurs rely on decals to promote their products. 

It is common for motorcyclists to apply decals and graphics to make a style statement. However, there are certain things you should know while applying motorcycle decals. Here are some intricacies associated with applying custom motorcycle decals.   

The Dos for applying Motorcycle Graphics 

When selecting motorcycle graphics, you should always go for high-quality ones. This is because high-quality motorcycle decals tend to be more durable. Moreover, high-quality decals don’t decolourise under extreme weather conditions. Here are some dos for applying motorcycle graphics. 

Proper Application 

One of the best ways to ensure the durability of motorcycle graphics is proper application. A proper application will ensure that the motorcycle decals are not easily damaged. Proper application is also necessary in keeping the stickers firmly in place. 

Using a Protection Tape 

Also known as a lamination sheet, a protection tape will safeguard the shine of the motorcycle decal. As the name suggests, the protection tape works as an added transparent layer of protection for your bike’s graphics. It also protects the surface of the graphics from unwanted scratches. Therefore, you should always invest in good-quality protection tape to enhance the durability of motorcycle decals. 

Invest in a Weather-Resistant Decal 

Not everyone has access to an indoor parking space. If you tend to park your motorcycle in an open space, invest in weather-resistant decals. Daily exposure to sunlight can take a toll on the shine of the motorcycle graphics. Weather-resistant decals tend to cost more than the standard graphics. However, they are worthwhile to protect your bike from extreme weather conditions. 

The Don’ts of applying Motorcycle Graphics 

To make the motorcycle decals last longer, it is essential to follow the specific don’ts. Therefore, here are some don’ts you should always follow while applying motorcycle decals. 

Rigorous and Harsh Cleaning 

Beta Graphic Decal Stickers

You should always refrain from scrubbing the Beta graphics harshly. If there are tough stains present on the sticker, always use a microfiber cloth. Even if you are deep cleaning your motorcycle, avoid cleaning the stickers. Cleaning the stickers will take away their shine. Moreover, don’t use any type of abrasive cleaning materials. 

Don’t delay wiping off the Contaminants 

If there are any types of contaminants present on the decals, try to wipe them off at the earliest. From tree sap to bird droppings, a wide variety of pollutants can discolour your motorcycle graphics. In addition, delaying the cleaning process might cause the contaminant to fuse with the decal. 

It is vital to take proper care of the motorcycle decals to protect their lustre. Also, invest in good quality motorcycle graphics to make your bike appealing.